Expanding Your Current Yoga Offerings with Meditation Classes

Expanding Your Current Yoga Offerings with Meditation Classes

Meditation and mindfulness are having their moment in popular culture right now, and for good reason. People of all different backgrounds are beginning to realize the importance of taking time for themselves, being more fully in the present moment, and expressing gratitude for all that is. There is also plenty of science and research being conducted and released to help encourage even the most hesitant of people that meditation is powerful and can help them create a more positive, fulfilling life. Celebrities and inspirational individuals of all kinds are also publicly speaking out about meditation, what small acts of mindfulness they bring to their day, and how it has affected them positively, and it has created quite the trend.

While yoga classes often incorporate a few moments of meditation before or after a flow, the general public is asking for more time to breathe, ponder, and collect themselves. This is evidenced by meditation studios opening up in certain big cities across the globe and while these type of businesses opening are great for spreading the message about meditation and mindfulness, I think yoga studios can be a great place to offer meditation classes as well. I think as business owners we should give our students what they are craving, keep up with the current trends, and expand our offerings by adding meditation classes on the schedule at our yoga studios.

The great thing about adding meditation classes to your schedule if that you only have to devote a half an hour or an hour of the schedule a few times a week to be able to give your students an expanded offering that will benefit them and your business exponentially. You might start by blocking off a half an hour three times a week on alternating days at a popular time of the day so that the most students will be able to come and make use of this great class. The class can be as simple as guiding students through a short introduction of a theme of mindfulness or a certain breath practice and then letting them have the rest of the half an hour to meditate in silence, or it can be as complicated as guiding the entire time in more of a guided meditation style. You might survey students and see which format they would like more or offer different formats on different days so that students get an opportunity to try both and expand upon their own meditation practice.

While marketing this class, especially to those without a meditation practice already, you might show them some research or studies about the benefits of a meditation practice and encourage your students just to try it out. You can also speak to them about how it’s often easier to meditate in a room full of other practitioner’s meditating as well, and that having a devoted class time to do so will keep them accountable. Another idea is to add this class time before or after a yoga class so that people that are already there for class will just show up early to meditate or stay later to attend the meditation class as well. I believe the current fascination and excitement around meditation and mindfulness is here to stay and incorporating these aspects into your current class offerings while benefit not only your students, but also your business.


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